Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy Day

I made veggie burgers from scratch today. I used a recipe I found in a back issue of REAL simple, ( my favorite magazine) and we all liked them. I think I will tweak the recipe a bit next time, but quite yummy. I also made Wil's baby food for the week, and some items to bring to church tomorrow. We are having a send-off luncheon for a family who is moving away. It was nice to be able to get a good deal of prep work out of the way, since Scott will be traveling this week and my 4-week summer position begins Monday.

I practiced my reading for tomorrow's service, and Caroline was my audience. She wanted a turn to practice too..her reading had a lot to do with Cinderella! She's known the Lord's Prayer since lent (before she turned 3, this is me bragging!) but as she gets older, some of her misprounciations change. For instance, what was once pretty recognizable as "lead us not into temptation" has now become "lead us not to detention." Can you guess her mother and aunt teach inner-city middle schoolers?!?!?

We bought Wil a new carseat for my mother's car, and a simple walker to keep him from getting into trouble when I am preparing dinner. We stopped by my parents for a visit and spent some time outside by the chimenea. My father was a little overzealous with the burning. It looked like he was trying to send smoke signals!

Caroline was upset to leave Grandmom and Pa's. She wanted to have a sleepover. We've set one up for later in the week. I remember that horrible feeling of wanting to be able to sleep over my aunt or memere's house and not being able. As a child, you can't appreciate the planning necessary for those events! I felt so sorry for her, she was crying and so sad. It is great she loves her grandparents so much that she didn't want to leave them, but sad to see her cry.

Wil just smiled and played with his nuk during Caroline's meltdown. He is such a happy baby!

I had a great night's sleep in our "new" bedroom. I really enjoy the solace of the first floor bedroom. It is tucked just far enough away from the main living area that it feels like a retreat.

Scott is watching a movie from the Redbox, but not one I am interested in. I think I will tidy up some more and then head to bed. Scott deserves to watch his movie and relax. He helped my friend move, and then worked in the yard for hours. He is such a great person. I am so lucky to share my life with him!

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