Monday, July 6, 2009

One down..three to go!

I can't believe the first week of my summer program is already over! The kids are great and there is authentic learning going on! I am really excited about the connections they are making and how well they have adapted to our camp "classroom". After a beautiful Fourth in Snug Harbor with my husband's cousins, I have started to feel "on vacation." It is important for me to recharge my batteries this summer. It was a tough year with the economic meltdown of my husband's industry ( hence the summer job) and the birth of our second child. I am not partaking in any formal professional development this summer and as much as it saddens me, I know it is in the best interest of my spirit and my family. It is still difficult to say no to free college credits!!!

Caroline is starting Knotty Pine in the morning! I am so excited for her to attend the same nursery school as I did. On our tour it was all the good things I remembered and more. She needs to socialize with children her own age. She plays during coffee hour at church, but she is the youngest girl in that group. In the fall, she will begin Godly Play on Sundays and I think that will be a good benefit to her as well. Tomorrow is the first of 6 half days she will be attending this summer. In the fall it will be three mornings a week. She is so excited!

I am just finishing a two week course of prednisone for my coughing issues. I wish I could say I was feeling all better. I am not as bad as I was at my worst, but very far from being cough free. I am hopeful that it will resolve itself soon.

My first reading went very well. One elderly woman came up to me right away to say it was the first time she had been able to hear the Prayers of the People! (those are said from the pew, no microphone) We also had a meeting regarding the possibility of a 3rd worship service. If that happens, I will have more opportunities to read, and I think that would be great.

Tomorrow is a big day at work- the Mayor, Governor and other committee members who funded the grant are scheduled to come see our hard work in action. I hope they like what they see!

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