Thursday, July 8, 2010


There have been so many blessings in our lives these past few weeks, some small with a large "ripple" effect and some unexpectedly generous.

Usually when I desire something that I do not have, I wait on it. During this time of patience, I may or may not share my desire with others. It doesn't seem to matter though, because either way, the gently used item makes its way into my home, without cost to me. A quick for instance : bread machine, hair straightener, purse(s). This week I was blessed with my long desired waffle maker! I knew my kids would love making and eating waffles, and I was right! Thank you Laura's mom!

Last week was my husband's birthday. I was able to bless him with the money to purchase a new cell phone (badly needed for his new job..yet another blessing!!), and give him a ticket to see the Red Sox with his friend. This was possible only because of the blessings we received around food, leaving me "extra" to use for my husband! We have been eating from friends' gardens and even received "leftovers" that filled our bellies for days.

Two weeks ago our central air conditioning stopped working. After going without (during a 100 degree heatwave), an old friend was able to take a look....and fix it..for just the $3 the fuse cost. Even my husband remarked "What a blessing!" Because of this averted expense, we are now continuing with our plans to visit family near the end of the month. I had been feeling conflicted about adding the expense of the trip to our budget, but now I firmly believe God wants us to spend time with our family, and he paved the way :)

We are still in early July, but so far, it has brought the breath of fresh air we all needed. I am excited to see where the summer takes us!

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